Christmas Craziness

So guys…its that time of year again and with the 25th December in sight and the New Year quickly approaching, we are reminded to be thoughtful, mindful of others, grateful for everything we hold dear and reflect back on the year we’ve all struggled to soldier on through.

The streets are filled with the hustle and bustle of shoppers busily scurrying around loaded with bags and boxes of toys, gifts, cards and decorations and its so easy to get swept up in the crazy Christmas bubble and not take a moment to look around at the various festivities to brighten your Christmas spirits.

If you’ve been caught in this madness, I have captured a few delightful sights on my travels to share with you all. However, there is still time to stop and take in some of the beautiful illuminated sights brought to you by the dedicated teams who spend every waking hour trapped in this crazy Christmas bubble every day of the year.

I know that most of you won’t have thought twice whilst stood in the never ending queue for Santa, trying to pacify their short of patience, stomping kiddywink, that the planning for Santa’s home has been on going all year round to bring sheer delight to their little faces this Christmas. The same goes for understanding exactly how or where the amazing Shopping Mall decorations, lights and trees, just seem to miraculously spring up from over night.

Having spent the last decade (wow, that makes me feel old!) in this fantasy world of singing reindeer, fluffy growling Yetti’s, Yorkshire gonks, twinkling lights, glitter baubles and elegant decorations, I know only too well that the average shopper has absolutely no idea of the dedication and meticulous planning and preparation which goes into bringing the magic and wonder to you and Children all over the UK this time of year.

This ode is to you, the teams trapped in Christmas all year round. To the blood sweat, tears, tantrums, (you think I’m kidding) sleepless nights and time away from their families during the install run up to the big day. All to bring Christmas cheer and evoke that warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of your tummy. I’m raising my glass to you this Christmas…You know who you are! Santa’s little secret helpers

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