About Luminest

12 years ago I took a cautious step into a magical, sparkling world of Christmas… and my life changed forever… I was instantly transported back to my childhood.

Where every child’s fantasy of talking, singing and dancing animals was a daily reality. 

Little did I know that for the next chapter of my life I would be talking Christmas decorations, Santa’s grottos, LED lighting and all things sparkly 24/7… yes… and even occasionally in my sleep! 

I lived and breathed this wonderful time of year every day (and I still have the glitter imbedded in my clothes to prove it!) which most people only consider for 1 month every year, to bring smiles to children’s faces (not forgetting the big kids) within shopping malls all over the UK at Christmas.

What has all this got to do with Luminest Ltd I hear you say? 

Well my passion has now taken me to new heights and Luminest was born to bring high quality decorative lighting and products used within commercial displays into your home and celebrations and to truly make your home sparkle at Christmas or make that special day, one to remember! 

Having worked in a design led industry where your toughest critics are children and their imagination, it’s been a challenging ride finding the newest and most innovative solutions. Do you know how hard it is to please kids these days with their ever-evolving expectations? In my eyes a project isn’t complete until your audience is completely blown away! 

This emotion provoked by amazing displays and lighting makes the blood sweat and tears involved in every project worthwhile and drives me intently onto the next. 

Throughout my magical mystery journey, I’ve picked up tips, tricks and plenty of idea’s and inspiration not only for Christmas, but for Weddings, Easter and Halloween decor, along with some fabulous suppliers in the hope to bring this altogether to offer an all-round bespoke service especially for you, whatever the occasion!