2019 Wedding décor trends

Are you up to speed with this years latest wedding styles?

Where do you make a start when trying to organise one of the most important days of your life? Eeeeeek!…no pressure! Well a good place would be with setting a date and your venue. As we all know, budget takes the centre spotlight with everything and if money was no object (we can only dream) then organising the wedding of your dreams would be a walk in the park (only because you would just flash the cash for a team of 100’s to organise the full shenanigans). Ok back down to earth now… sorry…where were we…this year’s wedding trends!

So, you have your venue, but its just a blank canvas, an empty shell…yes it’s beautiful in its own right and it has potential as you chose it.. but now what?

Let’s look at the current wedding décor trends, there’s some real beauties out there this year and all can be tailored to reflect you and your hubby to be, accenting snippets of your personality and capturing your vibe. After all it is your wedding day. So having trawled the abundance of trade stands and fayres over the last 2 months I am happy to share my findings to help take a little bit of the load off and hopefully inspire you with some gorgeous wedding décor trends this year.

Urban Chic is on the rise and this year sees an increase of people opting for the stripped back barns and simple industrial spaces, creating a neutral and raw canvas to work with. This option leaves plenty of room for the imagination to run free and to personalise the space with warm rustic finishes and accessories such as rattan and wicker accents, along with handmade elements to help soften the urban space and make it more inviting to guests. Natural wild British grown flowers and ice cream pastels, complete with soft subtle lighting really soften the surrounding space. With this particular wedding venue trend, two styles have emerged from this with a natural, handmade rustic feel as mentioned above to the use of industrial styled accessories to tie in and compliment the venue such as copper framework, asymmetric shapes and traditional style festoon lighting to complete the look.

Another simple but effective venue style which is also a popular choice is a tipi or marquee venue. Combine this rural location with an injection of bold, vibrant colour ways such as living coral and citrus inspired hues, outdoor floral arches and chandeliers for a fun summer wedding trend. The use of clean lines and simple translucent acrylic or perspex ensure that the vibrant colours are the centre of attention.

Back drops are huge this year as they can be easily installed in any venue and create a great focal point for the ceremony, behind the top table, as a photo opportunity into the evening and be versatile to cover all three functions. There’s a whole range of different backdrops to suit and each one can be tailored to complement the rest of your specific décor.

At the other end of the scale the Luminous Tradition wedding décor trend offers glitz and glamour, with a dark and moody atmosphere. This is achieved with deep purples, pinks, emerald greens and smokey greys along with luxurious fabrics such as velvet, faux fur and cashmere to add richness and texture. Glittery surfaces and bright neon style lights with metallics and mirrors offer a truly opulent feel to the celebration.

Whatever your style, for more inspiration see our event hire page or for some specific advice on your special day drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you x

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